the torment of saint agatha
agathas torment of saint
National Express Recordings
Artist: B R O W N S I E R R A
Title:the torment of saint agatha
Catalogue number: ne cd 0.08
Format: mini cdr
Limited edition of 13
The Torment of Saint Agatha
Recorded on Saint Agatha day the 5th of February 2005 Brown Sierra performed the torment of Saint Agatha at the West Bank for national express recordings this is the first realisation of the torment and it is the intention of the group brown sierra to perform this improvisation only on the saintís day
Brown Sierra for this performance is Pia Gambardella and Paddy Collins
Equipment plate mic Texas Instruments Pulse generator model 6613e, Audio frequency generators Advance J-1A and type JIB, electric bells, fire bells, bicycle bells, electric chiming bells.
Brownsierra have a fascination with alert sounds, bells, fire alarms Bells are among the oldest musical instruments. We have an interest in alert sounds that draw our attention, familiar everyday sound signals. bells invoke alarm delight annoyance something you cannot ignore We use fire alarms smoke alarms alarm clocks to create sound sources,
They can be made from metal, wood, clay, glass, and almost any other material that can be used to sustain oscillation. They range in size from tiny ornaments to monstrosities weighing several tonnes. Because of the great variety of materials, shapes and sizes bells are capable of a variety of tones and timbres. The typical bell sound is nonha rmonic, a rapid rise followed by a long slow decay, a most distinctive feature.
Name Meaning ; good
bell-founders, breast cancer, breast disease, Catania Italy, against fire, earthquakes, eruptions of Mount Etna, fire, fire prevention, jewelers, martyrs, natural disasters, nurses, Palermo Italy, rape victims, single laywomen, sterility, torture victims, volcanic eruptions, wet-nurses, Zamarramala Spain
Release date:11.07.03