tactile pavements
Pavement Lines pavement

Catalogue number: ne cd 0.03
Format:cdr in polythene and lino cover
50 copies: packaging by brown sierra
brownsierra have developed equipment that comes from their larger installation work. On this recording they have used a variety of test electronics, sine tone generators and home made devices. Along with alarm clocks, rape alarms, and motors.
Brownsierra Crossing, Tactile Pavement Format CDR This live recording made at Sound 323, in May 2002, consists of two tracks, using adapted, self-built and test electronics. The first track begins with two-tone generators, one low wobbling, the other high pitch almost imperceptible, intermodulating, is felt rather than heard. Bleeping pulses, like crickets singing, bursting in moving along like a machine that is constantly malfunctioning, held together only by the deep pulse. On the second track tones go from high to low until only tiny bleeps remain. The sound then becomes cleaner, deeper driving pulses which gradually become slower and slower and end.