The Wormhole Saloon II at The Whitechapel Gallery

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Friday 17th March ::: 7pm - 11pm

A second installment of an intensive art event that involves many things such as:
Auditorium. Featuring performances by Brown Sierra, Jon Acker, Suzanne Andrade, Heather Cassils, Dr Polly Fibre, Zephyr In Zanussi, and Elena Cologni. Surround Sound Room. Featuring work by Ekkehard Ehlers, John Wyness, Ali Ballard, Suzi Webster, Ash Sargent, Duncan Whitely and Simona Brinkmann as well as a performance by The Washroom Project. Videos.Shorts. Joel Cahen, AGN, Paul Haffenden, Eleanor Lawder, Ann-Marie James, David Sant and Vermund Thoe. Installations. UNST, Julian Ronnefeldt, Matthew Stock, Lennie Varvarides and Jon Cambeul Plug n Play Room. Bring any instrument with a lead to the space as long as its not too big and play all night - a recording will be made. also an Etch-a-Sketch jam