National Review of Live Art Glasgow
the torment of saint agatha the torment of saint agatha the torment of saint agatha the torment of saint agatha the torment of saint agatha the torment of saint agatha

The torment of Saint Agatha National Review of Live Art Glasgow 13th Febuary 2009

St. Agatha Patron St. of bell founders. A well born Christian virgin of Catania in Sicily, who possibly lived in the 3rd century. According to the 6th century account of her death, she spurned the advances of the pagan Roman consul Quintinianus. When she persisted in refusal of his lewd suggestions, she was tortured and her breasts were either torn or cut off, St Peter appeared to her in a vision of blinding light and healed her wounds. Her terrified jailers wanted to release her but she chose martyrdom. Because her inverted breasts on a dish were mistaken for bells, she was adopted as the patron saint of bell-founders. Saints day 5 Feb. Patronage bell-founders, fire prevention rape victims, against fire, earthquakes, torture victims, Catania Italy, eruptions of Mount Etna, martyrs, natural disasters, nurses, Palermo Italy, volcanic eruptions, wet-nurses.

Brown sierra will create a performance/installation using fire bells smoke alarms rape alarms personal and alert sounds. Paddy Collins and Pia Gambardella have been making sound art, installation and performance under the name brownsierra for 11 years. Developing an approach to modify, adapt and transform things that already exist, adapting, often changing original functions to take on a new life or existence.

Glasgow is the place to be over the next few weeks. New Territories offers the opportunity to see an amazing range of new and established artists of international repute whose work crosses the boundaries between theatre and visual arts, performance and installation, live art and video. The Guardian Guide