riverSend Performance at V22 Friday A collaboration between artists, Brownsierra and ritual performance artist, Shaun Caton. 29.6.12.
Poets off the shelf Swiss Cottage Library, 88 Avenue Road, London NW3 3HA. 15.12.11.
ILL FM at The Others. 3.11.11.
Servant Jazz Quater Kayaka + Brown Sierra + Extractor Fan 15.9.11.
Forage Festival Boiling Wells Bristol. 10.11.11.
The Lark Festival Campsea Ashe Victory Hall, Suffolk. 11.6.11.
Testing Grounds 13.2.10.
Auxesis Festival of Live Art tactile BOSCH Studio's Cardiff. 14.11.09.
NRLA 09 The torment of Saint Agatha National Review of Live Art Glasgow 13.2.09.
Start Running Manchester 27.7.08.
Brightonexpo 08.
"Callers" installation Closing event electracoustic electronics Porch Gallery Manchester. 08.07.07.
Light Readings Gallery Three found super 8 film with live electronic soundtracks. 28.03.07.
Sound Alert "Luigi Russolo life and works of a Futurist" The Estorick Collection London. 4 october-17 december 06
Wormhole Saloon electroacoustics live soundtrack super 8 films. Whitechapel Gallery London. 17.03.06.
Frakture Alert Sound performance doorbells carhorns placed around gallery space Liverpool. 08.07.2006
Porn and Dunwoody An evening of noise in a lift factory, Bankside London. 28.02.05.
cyrk Experidelic accompaniement to hand painted super 8 film. Bardens Boudoir Stoke Newington. 23.02.05.
Interlace electronic free improvisations Goldsmiths University. 30.05.05.
Klub Kanin festival of experimental music Trondeheim Norway. 02-11.07.05.
Brighton Cinemateque live performance to public information film 02.06.04.
Silent Key ICA London. 01.02.02.
Placard Headphones festival London. 19.07.03.
Maxis festival Lantern Theater. Sheffield.
10th LMC festival.Festival Hall, London.14.02.01.
Hybrids Sonic Arts festival Norwich University.06-08.07.01.

Brownsierra have been performing live since 1998 we have played at the ICA, Horse Hospital, University of East Anglia electronics studio, Whitechapel Gallery, Festival Hall, The Spitz,The Estorick Gallery, Goldsmiths and Middlesex university, Placard festival, LMC Festival, Sonic Arts Hybrid festival and Brighton Expo.

Brownsierra have performed with super 8 and 16mm film, videos, slide, overhead projectors, kinetic sculptures and pyrotechnics collaborating with Paul Burwell Helmut Lemke, David Ellis, Lee Gamble, Origami Tacit, Gary Jeff, Duel, Mick Beck, Charlie Collins, John Jasnoch.

When performing we often use as sound sources alert sounds, these include fire alarms, smoke alarms, bicycle bells, electric chiming bells door bells, and alarm clocks as well as adapted and self made electronic devices, Pulse generators, Audio frequency generators, and have a large collection of electro acoustic devices, including a variety of different size springs, fish slices hacksaw blades, ratchets, a selection of motors and bits of metal. We make field recordings employing a variety of analogue recording methods, Dictaphone, Walkman, open reels, using techniques such as cut ups and inching to record and play back sounds during performances. We have worked with domestic electrical appliances as well as radio, televisions, video players, washing machines fridge's, and central heating systems.

brownsierra/origami tacict V brownsierra klubb Kanin Norway Festival of experimental electronic music Trondheim Norway.2-11.7.05 live in trondhiem hybirds brownsierra at Hybrids festival. 6 -8 July 2001. UEA university Norwich. Systems, real-time and just-in-time composition solutions, home-grown interventions in consumer electronics, generative music, circuit bending, web-based and network distributed performance