Sound Alert

estorick performance estorick performance

Sound Alert performed as part of "Luigi Russolo life and works of a Futurist" 4 october-17 december 2006 at The Estorick Collection of modern Italian Art

Brownsierra performed The Torment of St Agatha, Children of Auron, Cygnus Alpha and Dawn of The Gods, using doorbells, car horns, bicycle bells and alarms, some of which were adapted electronically. Creating a fascinating urban soundscape performance. 39a Canonbury sq London.

Unload equipment get table and chairs set out the table put up the flats and the stands place the alert sounds around for the best spatial effects wire them to the switchboards, test they all work set up the PA and have a sound check set up the merchandise suitcase talk to Roberta or Stephanie to check they are happy with it check out the sort of lighting we want set the alarm clock to 7 o'clock and place it on a pick-up leave and return at 5.30. switch on PA sound check equipment check it all works ok mingle with guests if there are any.
1. 7 o'clock alarm clock begins to sound brownsierra excuse themselves from conversation and make there way to performance area paddy introduces brownsierra mini blue comes on and is left to play alone for a minute or so paddy brings in small buzzers, short sustained and drones pia brings in dauntless and yellow beat build on the sound bringing the bleeps in and out paddy continues with small buzzers end
2. paddy introduces St Agatha's Pony St Agatha's Pony doorbells and bicycle bells
3. an imitation of the intonarumori paddy introduces bowed metal, things that click possibly some fire alarms and car horns pia brings in bowed fireball we do a duet pia introduces big blue and lets it come in for about a minute then it drops away pia drops away on bowed bell paddy plays for a few more seconds end
4. paddy slender tone solo bleeps for about 6 minutes pia comes in with a few piezo buzzers, it gradually builds, have sporadic rapid play with all alert sounds ding dong doorbells repeated played with fire bells repetition end.
5. taped inched pia plays birds paddy plays bird caller and baby crier car horns alert sound frenzy short sharp bursts everybody runs out the door holding their ears!