Road Surface

Brownsierra Pia Gambardella & Paddy Collins. Super 8 film, bleached and worked onto the surface with marker pens & Indian ink applied with sponges and brushes. Shown at London College Printing 30 November 2002

Road surface was made by taking a reel of super 8 film, bleaching and washing it to remove the emulsion and then working directly onto the surface of the film with black marker pens, Indian ink applied with sponges and brushes which were overlaid creating differing pigment densities and effects making a narrative of abstract monochrome images. The inks also glued particles of dust to the film, and as the film was handled and projected the pigments became scratched and began to flake. The surface damage to the ersatz emulsion was an intentional interference to the shapes created by the pigment.Interested in working in abstract film with accidental effects and textures as it is analogous to the way in which we have been producing the electronic sound. wanted to see how the differing chance elements within the sound and image would combine. We transferred the super 8 film onto mini DV by back projecting it and then onto the computer slowing it down slightly, apart from one or two small edits it was left as original. The sound track was taken from a recording made using electronic equipment, using two tone- generators, self made adapted electronics, smoke alarms, rape alarms, alert sounds. The home-made devices give out their own hisses and hums. Using improvisation techniques to operate these simple devices controlled by automatic and manual switching. recorded the sound onto mini disc, apart from one or two edits it was left as unchanged and the length of the film was edited to fit the length of the soundtrack. A chorus of alert sound creating an abstract urban sound-scape. How noise to signal ratios effects our learning and understanding of the messages and signals held within our sound environment. The psychology of listening, projection within noise and silence. Working with alert sound, tones pulses, light and colour to stimulate the audience, to create the emotional response such as anxiety and excitement. the soundworks produced are influenced by our interests in psychology of sound, pattern perception, pattern recognition. Strongly influenced by traditions of sound use outside of musical traditions, the effect of noise, silence, and architectural acoustics.