Mid Range

27 February 2003 Mid Range The Foundry Hoxton An evening of improvised electronic sound loops, subtle feedback, guitar drones, laptops & tone generators Live music performances Images & short films Their image work is shot on Super8 film, video and reflected slide projections, layering - abstract vs emblematic - moving or static, unique textures. Sometimes with a raw soundtrack or sometimes just silence. The short films showing are:

Road Surface,


Lamictogen (oral project),


Pattern Perception and Magnetic Resonance Imagery .
The Foundry 84-86 Grt. Eastern St. London EC2 20
Images & short films by Brown Sierra (Noisegate Magazine)... collectively run the 'sound art' magazine, 'Noisegate', and whom are also sound artists using self made instruments and electronics. Various releases are available on the National Express label.