Oral Project

Oral Project (Lamictogen) By Brownsierra This 4 minute film was Inspired by the deep listening techniques employed by the Evesham monitors, EVP listeners, radio hams and others. It is an assemblage of interviews, discussions, EVP recordings, recordings made while monitoring number stations, as well as test electronics. The recording comes with an article taken from Noisegate magazine Issue 9 written by Lilian Renfield, whose article was developed during interviews with Brownsierra Auditory hallucinations, the idea that projection plays a major part in listening. When listening we can begin to hear things that are not actually there. looking at how people often project meaning into what they hear, and how we naturally make patterns and project meanings into what we hear, voices, melodies, in a similar way speech can be read into a medley of noise. Sound Played at Aether Fest #1: Festival of International Radio ArtJune 1-29, 2003 at KUNM fm . Albuquerque, New Mexico USA Presented by KUNM, Nonsequitur, and Harwood Arts Center Film shown at Mid range 27 February 2003