time piece

Timepiece, Mappin art gallery May 1997, 24 clocks with contact mikes wrapped in tape on stands

We experience time because of the properties of change and movement, it is the space between two events, the punctuations in our lives, that gives us a sense of time, movement being an aspect of time. Human beings want permanance, that is,they do not want time to pass. Fixing of time, the past is an experience that has gone, that has left us, leaving traces in our minds, the future is something we have not yet experienced, it is not yet in our memory banks. What then is the present? what is the nature of now, the more we are aware of the now, the less we are thinking of the past and the future, we are already in the now but do not know it. The existance of time and non time, a relationship of oppoaites, we are consious of wakefullness, so that means there is sleep, we are consious of time, and experience it through outward change, non non time must exist, non time zone maybe has its base within us, we came from non time zone and will return to it.

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