Urban and Domestic Incidents a cup of tea, exhibit using 180 speakers in Gallery/flat Wellington buildings 9th Sept-19 Sept 1999
182 speakers pinned, facing a white wall in an empty room, residential domestic urban environment stripped of the paraphernalia of living yet still functioning as a living room for the resident and curator here life is not art and art is not life they coexist despite each other out side the door a tiny hall through the hall to a kitchen it still looks and functions like a kitchen. An additional wire from the electic kettle an intervention that leads to a electronic relay via an amplifier the signal is split five ways to the speakers across the hall the signal slowly switches across the room. The speakers are wired in five groups in sequence to the relay. An invitation to a banal incident is a flyer with the title time date and address of another opening but its an invitation to art with a tea bag no wine and beer here to deaden your senses and to sweeten the event. As the guests arrive the resident curator gives them a brief explanation then makes them a cup of tea additional bags are available for the bag less as the kettle boils the audience is invited into the white room to observe the boiling kettle thorough the speakers it takes three minutes the duration of a pop song, without the musical limitations if musical is the correct description. It has a natural composition but what hasn't as nature has its own laws. After a short pause, the water begins to slowly boil increasing to a bubbling crescendo then a click and hissing boil falls away and its time for tea.

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