New River

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Brown Sierra, 'New River' 15 September to 14 October 2008

For Telephone, London based artists, Brown Sierra (Paddy Collins and Pia Gambardella), are using public telephone boxes* as fixed access microphones to record the different sounds of the New River Ward** in North-East London. The minimum amount of money to make a call will be inserted into a public phone, the number dialled, and the receiver held outside the phone box. The sound of that particular location at that particular time will be remotely and directly recorded into Telephone. During the course of the exhibition, recordings will change periodically, giving new sounds from different locations. Taken together these recordings will constitute a 'sound map' of the New River Ward area.
* A small structure furnished with a pay phone for the use of the general public. ** A Ward in the UK is the primary unit of British administrative and electoral geography.

Telephone is a project that uses a telephone number to present artworks (sound works). Telephone is an exhibition space, like a gallery, but one that offers space as time-duration rather than as physical dimensions. For the opening programme, four artists, Brown Sierra, Kieron Dennis, Tomo Savic-Gecan, and Patrick Ward have been invited to explore the medium of the telephone (as a receiver and/or transmitter of information), and the particular circumstances of interaction and/or encounter that come with it. The circumstance or character of a phone call might mean a number of things: a telephone call can be a very intimate experience or, just as frequently, an impersonal one; it can create a sense of close proximity or make apparent acute spatial detachment. A telephone call has a particular (and peculiar) spatial and temporal quality. It is, simultaneously, something like a real space of live interaction, as well as being a kind of virtual space visited by the caller. Within the context of the Telephone project, the space of telecommunication may be approached as one designed for the exchange of information, or it may be considered as a continuous, 'ever-there', on-going space entered on the occasion of the phone call. Telephone will operate via a standard digital answering machine set to 'answer only'. The work will be unmediated inasmuch as there will be no gallery entrance, introduction, or label. Telephone can be called by anyone, from anywhere, at any time (with calls being charged at a standard land-line rate). It makes use of a single telephone line, which means that each individual caller has sole access to the work at any one time: Telephone is not a broadcast.

'Telephone' is a curatorial project by Claire Davies and Sam Gathercole. The works presented at 'Telephone' will be sound works. No material will mediate the work: there will be no gallery entrance or introduction; there will be no label for the work. The caller will hear only the work. A telephone call has a particular (and peculiar) spatial and temporal quality. It is, simultaneously, something like a real space of (sometimes) live interaction, and also a virtual space entered by the caller. This space, with all its ambiguities, is one that offers a great potential for the presentation of artwork.

Beyond 'New River', the programme continues:
15.10.08 to 21.10.08 Tomo Savic-Gecan
22.10.08 to 21.11.08 Patrick Ward, 'Deleted Scenes'
22.11.08 to 21.12.08 Kieron Dennis, 'Question, Answer, Question'

Telephone is a project by Claire Davies and Sam Gathercole, and can be contacted via email: