urban an domestic incidents "gri gri"

Gri Gri 1 Exhibit with live crickets singing in glass cabinet, These records November 1997
Gri Gri 2 Noise Gate 6 magazine launch, live crickets singing and eating copies of the magazine workfortheeyetodo 63 chaterhouse st. 5 june 98 installation with singing crickets This exhibit will consist of approximately 50 field crickets inside a Perspex container mounted on the wall in a bookshop. You will be able to see and hear these small creatures living loving scurrying and chirping, no microphones no sound processes and no samples, just crickets doing what crickets do. Inside the cabinet will also be copies of the magazine for the crickets to dine on. This collaborative work by Pia Gambardella & Paddy Collins has been designed specifically for workfortheeyetodo, due care has been taken to ensure that the exhibit will not be overly intrusive or excessively wearing to the listener, i.e. that it dose not annoy the neighbors or drive staff mad. The ideas behind the work stems from our interest in field recordings and our fascination with insects and their ability to create sounds with such a constant pitch and amplitude that they are reminiscent of another of our fascinations, audio test gear. Combined with the sequences and patterns of differing species they appear to us the forerunners to much avant-garde electronic music.