Good Riddence

good riddence good riddence

Good Riddance MOT Gallery 03.February.07 - 10.March.07 MOT Unit 54 Regents Studios8 Andrews RoadLondon E8 4QNGroup show Brown Sierra, Reduced Mechanical Sound Scapes comprise of found music box mechanisms from which teeth on the rotating drum have been filed-down to create sparse new compositions. For the exhibition, Brown Sierra also install a wall of electrical 'silences'. Field Artists: John Clayman, Paul Davis, Jem Finer, Leo Fitzmaurice, Miles Thurlow, Lawrence Weiner Curated by Claire Davies & Sam Gathercole Good Riddance is an exhibition that brings together work by seven contemporary artists who are interested in taking-away and getting-rid-of as a constructive means of making work. Prompted by tendencies in contemporary art and architecture to add-on, build-up, replace, or fill-in, Good Riddance looks to consider what happens if you get-rid-of things instead. Can taking-away, for instance, be as creative, progressive and constructive as, say, adding-on? What happens when you get-rid-of something?