rotating electro magnetic fields

Pick Up Pick Up

Guitar pickups Small computer fans Battery holders, with batteries coat-hangers mixing desk small PA.
Suspended from the ceiling the thin wires balance the batteries at one end which power the fans at the other, causing them to slowly rotate as they turn they pass over a guitar pickup, which buzzes each time the fan and the battery pack pass over the pick up on the floor, picking up the electro magnetic field.
4 Rotating mobile structures driven by a fan balanced by a set of 4 batteries. The piece is part of an ongoing series of installations by brownsierra into the nature of rotating sound sources. Rotating Electro Magnetic Fields utilises the electro magnetic properties of motors. The electro magnetic field is transposed through the use of coil pick-ups.
Creating regular rhythms, that phase in and out of each other, the sound frequncy of the fan slowly changing depending on the speed and power in the batteries that are left to run down over the duration of the show, the piece ending when the batteries eventually run out.

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