Callers The Porch Gallery 5 Barway Rd Chorlton Manchester m21 06-08 July.07
Porch Gallery is an independent, project, exhibiting new challenging artwork which responds to the unique interior of a household porch. Callers is an installation of doorbells/door chimes/bell pushes/bell wire and a power supply.
The normal function of a doorbell is to alert an occupant to a visitors presence. The occupant can choose to ignore or answer. Someone who chooses to call is seeking a response. Callers to this address will be presented with a multiple choice of occupancy; its residency has been reduced to the porch. Any callers to the porch will find their signal eternally unanswered and like the porch itself left in limbo. The response will not occur from within the house but must be found from inside themselves. On arrival, the viewers are presented with a series of bell pushes attached to the outside of the gallery. These are attached in a pattern that traces changes in habitation. The Door bells are situated inside the Porch itself, clearly visible from the outside. Viewers are encouraged to use the different pushes to trigger the different bells and become Callers to the property.