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Environmental Recordings
A collection of New books by Brown Sierra at Boekie Woekie 11-13 March 2011
Brownsierra continue to map and record their environment in the form of collecting materials that can be bound into hard bound single edition books. The books developed from our work and interest with mapping and environmental recordings, collecting and reusing. Creating new approaches to making environmental recordings. Using found tape, parallax recording, (each making a mono recording simultaneously, varying our location through distance and movement.), using telephone boxes as fixed point microphones, and sound mapping. We are interested in the geography of a place. Mapping areas. Looking at local estates, parks, road networks, bus stops, park benches. towns, boroughs, wards. The structure of the area. from how government works to what chip shops sell. Collecting leaflets from libraries, hospitals, shops, general practitioners, picking up the local litter that we find on route. Collecting material in varying states of decay, finding paper sacks out side greengrocers or health advice in the chemist. This we collect, sort, collate, consider, categorise, sometimes paint, and then mix. The signatures are carefully arranged into sequential cut ups through the process of book binding, the way they relate to each other is controlled by how we categories the type of material going into the book. Books made from maps, cut up and rebound creating new geographies, sometimes mixing cities and countries, others towns and streets. Collections of menus or litter pertaining to a particular faith or in a particular language. Books of lost dog posters, or paper bags, instruction leaflets, public information signs, children’s drawings. Other books are paper collected in one day, or in one place, or collected over a weekend or collected on one walk, between specific places made over several journeys. The books are documents or archives of how local environments are being used. These arrangements can create unexpected and poignant new meanings.
Saturday 12 March Performance & Talk by Brown Sierra Boekie Woekie open daily from 12 to6 Berenstraat 16 1016 GH Amsterdam The Netherlands