international litter exchange

hand bound books made from found paper by brown sierra international litter exchange 2008

collage cutup bookbinding

International litter exchange is an on going project by brown sierra to collect found and recycled materials taken from there local environ. First started in 98 by collecting packaging and cutting out images and text into a standard postcard size then sending them around the world. This is the first exhibition of brown sierras international litter exchange it includes a series of books made from materials gathered from the streets and buildings and arranged into sequential cut ups through the process of book binding.

A collection of hard bound books, an extension of the cut up technique applied to bookbinding. Using materials collected from our immediate environment that we have adapted, using packaging, litter from various sources and in various states, junk mail, printed adverts and public information leaflets, We collate and bind these, the arrangements can create unexpected and poingnent new meanings.

11-30 July 2008 at bookartbookshop 17 Pitfield street London N1 6HB