In this section you will find information about books and publications that brownsierra have contribued to, also noisegate magazine a sound arts magazine published by brownsierra and brownsierra's artists books and printed matter project international litter exchange and associated events.

the fundamentals of sonic art and sound design by tony gibbs
playing with words by cathy lane
haunted weather by david toop
sound proof by monica biagioli and colm lally
publish and be damned by pabd
experimental musical instruments volume 11 number 4
art review when does a sound become art

Publish and be Damned
International Litter Exchange Bookartbookshop, 11-30 July 2008, 17 Pitfield street London N1 6HB
Hand Made and Bound
Small Publishers Fair

international litter exchange
Brownsierra's international litter exchange project has developed into a series of books made from materials gathered from the streets and buildings of our immediate environment and arranged into sequential cut ups through the process of book binding.
The books are not only documents of a place but also of a time,The work reflects or observes the diversities within an area or locality. We like to investigate areas. we use telephone boxes as recording devices, making audio snapshots of places. We visit libraries places of civic access, using them as sources of material and information.
We are interested in the geography of a place, mapping areas. Looking at estates, parks, road networks, bus stops, park benches. The town, the borough, the ward. The structure of the area. How we travel through a place, walking cycle, bus. Our work is the residue of our movement in an area, things we collect,pick up, connections we make, from how government works to what chip shops sell, from health care to how much litter there is on the streets.

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