Performance at V22 Friday 29 June 2012 V22 Workspace F-Block The Biscuit Factory 100 Clements Rd London SE16 4DG Performance 7.30pm - 8.30pm

A collaboration between sound artists, Brownsierra, Paddy Collins and Pia Gambardella and ritual performance artist, Shaun Caton. ...riverSend... is a powerful psychological meditation upon the living force of the river Thames, which is situated very close to V22. Collecting totemic objects washed up on the shoreline of the Thames, the artists will develop a unique approach to contemporary performance, combining ritual action with a highly innovative soundscape that accompanies the performance. 'The river is a moving, swirling metaphor, carrying the sounds and souls of objects lost or dropped in its murky depths over centuries, bubbling up to the surface in the form of mysterious discordant and resonant passages of sound and bizarre repetitive ritual actions.'

Brownsierra have performed live previously with Caton in 2009 at tactileBOSCH in Cardiff, where they presented the eerie and strange work, Eldritch Thrall. Both brownsierra and Caton have been aware of one another's work for a very long time. Whilst Caton has presented performances for over the past 3 decades he has enjoyed the creative exchange of ideas in working with brownsierra on live sounds that are evocative of his frightening and apocalyptic performance imagery. Brownsierra have created all the soundtracks for Caton's performances since 2007, making a unique and compelling aspect of each live performance with sound.