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Adventures in the House of memory
History keeper Adventurer in the house of memory Bleeding woman Control wheel who has the ear of the people Leader Dark suit man Battledress woman Stocking woman Supporting the life of the industry woman Word burrower Aeroplane seeder Of imagined futures who talks to black box woman Engaged in the task of moving the tiny casks of Liquid along the many roads To the home of white shirt man bee line man in love with someone man woman who knows typewriter woman preparer of food woman writer of messages woman bearer of children woman tearer of desire woman teacher of young woman teacher who stumbles woman appointer of rich woman motor car believer deaths head warrior old man hater zodiac cartographer gathering of the leaves autumn maker wandering in a bookshop and moving the weight of the people lover happiness encountered, old bridge painter mover in the daylight, chair on cart owner cigarette maker orange distiller book reader child of he who looks twice in all directions son of guitar maker, she who sells wires sister to café owner, out of one who took the bench of the learned mars watching woman she who stretched too far message creator soother of pains of the soul woman ant eater man he who straightens things out moves through brightness to the place of learning travels upwards and sleeps on an escalator train driver one who moves through the dark passages on rails drip feed monitor he who moved the beds from the hospital he who released the sick he who cured the loss of blood of the deadson of woman who prepares the sheets of the dying and lived with the house of the fish in the place where the walls meet the sky in the city of the money owners born out of the holocaust and spilled into a world that knows no meaning blowback inventor gun believer,eater of the flesh of dead animal frier of the things that are brought who met the first friend who changed daughter of the black defendant who lived in the cage of the west and ate by the paths of the deep river and together then created the journey that both forgot and played games in a café that sold the food of fat man the lover of square tables and crawling things who moved on and forgot their friendship in the deserts of the southern country found rodeo boot maker and were taught the secrets of footwear and natural medicinein a crumbling building that no one visits washed by the canal that carries the old voices that sung songs of factory lovers and homemakers sky woman racehorseman cow leading woman house finder frightener of the lives of the children sandpaper man piper of invisible fires man buyer of wine eater of the tall deserts who showed them a way to the dried meat which they later ate and made butter from the body of the crash victim car owner breathing man who got drunk and spat at horse Guerilla chairman Native of this place woman Machine maker Happiness reacher and cobra owner Tied to each other Carried by they who laughed at the proclamations And were threatened by the razor makers Left to the cellars of the murderers Drug defiers Sexual athlete woman Became they who escaped from the jaws of the Ravenous newspaper tearer Carpet beater man and wife of silicone Became those who returned in new clothes Became those bearing glad tidings Became those who returned bearing gifts Became those who became those Who became those who became those who washed the floor of the houses and ran from the thought of the lost and came finally to the place where the water meets the banks and the place where the sky meets the clouds and the place where the skin meets the air and the book meets the table and inhabited the spaces dark suit man battledress woman hater of the old woman sleeps naked man stocking woman red uniform man she who carries knives she who wears the clothes of the dead striped apron womanarmy boot woman gift man stocking man higher mathematic man leather glove man wearer of many hats man briefcase woman hider in small places man black woman tearer of fabric man destroyer of dreams

Paul Burwell